Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Number 44, Carl Pavano (Crowd Boos)" and "We Want Swisher" - Highlights From A Forgetable Opening Day

Photo Taken From Grandstand Section 428 at Yankee Stadium Credit: Steve Flack

As everyone knows, we were not at the game today. However, that didn't keep us from monitoring happenings at the stadium during the embarrassment also known as the first regular season game ever played at the "House That George Built."

- Via the NY Times Bats Blog, here is what happened when ex-Yankee hero, Carl Pavano was introduced:

When “Number 44, Carl Pavano” was announced, the crowd erupted with boos as Pavano took his place along the third-base line. Pavano, the notorious ex-Yankee, broke into a wide grin as he greeted his Cleveland Indians teammates.

The scoreboard described the scene with sublime understatement: “Number 44, Carl Pavano (Crowd Boos).”
That second part is simply epic. Closed captioning, we salute you. The first person who sends us photo evidence of this hilarity gets the free pair of Yankee tickets for 5/20 that the MLB didn't allow us to give away as part of a contest this past weekend. You can't get the photo from a news website - it has to be from a public photo sharing site such as flickr, or a photo of your own. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST - THIS IS SIMPLY A FAN GIVING ANOTHER FAN A FREE PAIR OF TICKETS INSTEAD OF SELLING THEM ON STUBHUB! And the winner is.... Steve! Please check out Steve's website at Thanks for sending in the picture!

- There is word that the fans were chanting "we want Swisher" when Marte was in full meltdown mode. We didn't watch very much of the broadcast since we're stuck at work, but from what we're told the crowd was quiet and unimposing all day. This timely chant doesn't excuse the moneybags in attendance who couldn't bother themselves to make the stadium rock, but it certainly earns them some points. A reader who sends this video won't earn a pair of Yankee tickets, but we'll be your friend on Twitter. What, that isn't enough motivation? Here is the video, courtesy of our new friend, "zabs,"

Any other fun things happen during an otherwise utterly depressing day at the new Yankee Stadium? Let us know in the comments.
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