Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Joba Chamberlain Is Stylish

For those of you inexplicably into this sort of thing. Joba Chamberlain's mugshot from his DUI arrest this winter has been posted on The Smoking Gun.

As a reminder:
New York Yankees pitching phenom Joba Chamberlain was arrested in October 2008 for drunk driving. The athlete pleaded guilty in April 2009 to a DUI charge and was placed on probation for nine months and had his driver's license suspended for 60 days. After Chamberlain was pulled over for speeding in Lincoln, Nebraska, a state trooper noticed an open bottle of Crown Royal whiskey on the front passenger seat of the BMW the ballplayer was driving. After failing a pair of field sobriety tests, Chamberlain took a Breathalyzer test, which showed his blood alcohol content was .134, above the state's .08 limit.
Open bottle of Crown Royal whiskey on the passenger seat? No wonder he was wearing what appears to have been a catcher's chest protector in his mug shot. If you are going to drive with an open bottle of whiskey, you might as well be prepared for the crash. No word on if he was wearing a hockey style face mask at the time of the arrest as well.

Hey, at least he wasn't wearing this at the time of his arrest:


Lets hope this is the first and last time that we post the mugshot of a Yankee player on New Stadium Insider.
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