Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Housekeeping: Another RSS Feed Update & The "Read Full Post" Link

Let us start with a word of advice to any potential internet weblog authors out there - stay far away from "Feed Burner." Perhaps we just aren't well enough versed in this RSS feed business, but all "burning our feed" did was cause trouble. We have had people emailing us about feeds not updating, being delayed, and generally acting funky. For that reason, we have deleted our "Feed Burner" feed, and have decided to stick with the default blogger feed.

If you are subscribed to a broken feed right now, you probably aren't reading this. However, if you somehow come across this, please delete that stupid "Feed Burner" link from your RSS reader, and subscribe here:


All links on the main page of the blog have been updated to reflect this change, for anyone just now stumbling across NSI.

On to other, less frustrating items. You may have noticed that we have introduced a link within each post that says "read full post." Blog experts refer to this as the "jump." Essentially, it allows us to put the most important part of the new post on the main page of the blog, but the full post on a separate page to prevent clutter. One relative who shall remain nameless pointed out the annoyance that some of our more wordy posts create. "Why do I have to scroll so much on your website," he asked. Hopefully the "read full post" link will mean less scrolling for those without scroll-wheels on their mouse. Yanks26' "NSI Minor League Report" feature abridged boxscores for all of the minor league games "after the jump," so be sure to click that link.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled debate regarding Nick Swisher laughing while he was pitching a scoreless inning in an unfortunate blowout loss. It sucks to get beat down by a division rival, but Jorge should probably calm down a bit, no?
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