Saturday, April 18, 2009

See What We See During Our First Regular Season Trip To The New Yankee Stadium - Live Stream

Today is an exciting day, as we will be taking our first regular season trip to the Yankees' new home in the Bronx. We extensively covered our exhibition game trips to the new park, but today it counts. We have split the season tickets with our father, and he will be the company for today. He can't wait for the Lobel's steak sandwich - even if it is going to cost him more than a bleacher seat would cost!

In case Sprint and the Yankees have fixed their connectivity issues, we are bringing the HTC Touch Pro, and will be streaming anything especially interesting live via We won't be heading out too early, since the Yankees won't let us down by the field to watch batting practice anyway. The latest video we take will be embedded in this post (and hosted on the servers). If you want to see the previous videos we have taken, you can check out our page here:

Feel free to comment on anything you see, or any questions you ask within this post. The comments go directly to an email account, so we can respond periodically if we get a chance to check the email during the game.

The weather is set to be about as beautiful as anyone could ever ask, and our fingers are crossed that the kinks from the exhibition games have been worked out and today will be a more enjoyable experience. Come along for the ride!
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