Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yankees vs. Red Sox May Be A Rivalry, But We Want To Make Friends With A Boston Blogger

Believe it or not, we have never been to Fenway Park. It isn't because we have anything against the old place, or because we dislike the city of Boston. For whatever reason, when we have been in Boston, baseball has been on hiatus. That all changes in 2009. We are going to make sure that we not only see a baseball game at Fenway Park, but we see the greatest rivalry in sports - Yankees vs. Red Sox.

What we have is an interesting proposal for any Red Sox blogger out there. We will provide you with a pair of tickets for Yankees vs. Red Sox on Saturday August 8 (4:10 PM) at the New Yankee Stadium, and in return we are looking for a pair of tickets for Redsox vs. Yankees on Saturday August 22 (4:10 PM) at Fenway Park.

We will also link to your blog in the days leading up to our trip, and your blog will be prominently mentioned in our postmortem game review post. For a Red Sox blogger with season tickets, and a relatively new blog, this can be a great opportunity to get your blog on the map!

Our season tickets at Yankee Stadium are in section 428, Row 10. Currently, the lowest price on Stubhub for tickets in this section for August 8 is $86 per seat. Obviously, prices for even the cheapest pair at Fenway on August 22 are more expensive - to the tune of $130 per ticket! Therefore, this proposal would probably be best for an up and coming Red Sox blog that wants the residual traffic and valuable back-linking that would result from this swap.

If anyone is interested, but needs some more information first, please contact us via the "contact us" page at the top of the blog. We'll be happy to delve into more details about the traffic that our blog can generate, and how this trade proposal can be beneficial for both blogs. We promise that if we do make the trade, we won't get into a fight in your seats and get your season tickets revoked. Then again, isn't fighting encouraged in Boston? We kid, we kid.
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