Thursday, April 30, 2009

David Cone On Air "Jerking Off" Reference - Round Two

UPDATE: Awww crap. Just realized that Andrew over at No, You're A Towel had this up on Wednesday night. Sorry for not giving you the proper credit, Andrew.

We owe everything we have here at NSI to David Cone. On a rainy night last April, he said that Ian Kennedy "got jerked off" in the bullpen, we ripped the footage and posted it on the website, Rob Neyer ran with the story, and the rest is history. The video is gone from the original post, but here it is from last April:

We figured at the time that Cone would get a stern talking to by YES executives/producers, who would explain the difference between "jerking off" and "jerking around," and everyone would go along their merry way. That is why were were completely shocked when we heard that Cone had made the same mistake again last night. This time, it was another young Yankee starter, Joba Chamberlain and he was apparently jerkin' off:

Really David Cone? Again? Really? You're awesome.
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