Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yankees On Pace to Draw "Only" 3.9 Million Fans in 2009

As of today, the Yankees shockingly are not on pace for 4 million fans in attendance in their brand new stadium. The official attendance for today's game was only 48,271. We're unsure why it was so low, but perhaps it is because the Yankees haven't put standing room only tickets for sale yet. Or maybe too many people bought tickets just to flip them, and were unable to dump them in time.

Regardless of the reasons, the capacity of the stadium is supposed to be somewhere in the 52,000 range. Today, on a highly publicized opening of the most expensive stadium ever, the Yankees couldn't even draw 50,000. For comparison's sake, the Yankees had 55,112 fans come through the gates one year ago, after a rainout forced opening day to be moved to the next night.

This must be pretty disheartening for the team. There are some cold nights to come in the rest of April. Is it possible that the attendance will not even crack 40,000 for some of those games? For a team that has been easily drawing 4 million fans the past few years, this definitely comes as a bit of a surprise. Was anyone listening to the John Sterling on the radio? Did he mention the lower than expected attendance? How about the YES broadcast crew?

We checked last night, and Ticketmaster was completely sold out of tickets. Did the Yankees have to remove more seats than they initially let on due to obstructions? Is the capacity of the new stadium actually only 48,000 without standing room? Unfortunately we don't have the answers, but perhaps a mainstream news source will do some more digging. Keep an eye on the papers tomorrow.
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