Monday, April 20, 2009

GAME POSTPONED: Game Day Weather Forecast For April 20 - Yankees vs. A's Likely To Be Postponed

UPDATE (3:30 PM): According to the Yankees weather update page, the Yankees vs. A's game on 4/20 has been rained out.

As of now, no makeup date has been announced.

UPDATE (3:00 PM): Steve DiMartino has checked in and has the following to say:
If the Yankees wait until 9PM there is a shot [to play the game]. Depends on how well the field dries. The heavy rain should continue through 7 PM.
The Yankees would probably rather wait until 9 PM than have to play a doubleheader, but that would really inconvenience the fans. Don't expect an early decision to be made.

We touched on this topic last night, but now it is the day of the game and the weather forecast is still looking terrible. Here to get us through this soggy week of games is Steve DiMartino, special to NSI from Be sure to check out his website every day - he is an independent meteorologist, but his forecasts are seemingly more accurate than any mainstream weather forecast around. Check out what Steve has to say for today's game, and the rest of the week's games,
Perhaps this rain storm is good news for the Yankee's bullpen as heavy rain through today and into the evening will likely lead to a postponement of the game.. This rainstorm is expected to produce a half inch to as much as two inches of rainfall with the heaviest rainfall expected over the Bronx between 6PM and 10 PM. Obviously, these conditions are not optimal for baseball games. If you are heading out to the Stadium expect winds from the east around 5 to 15 mph with gusts to 30 mph and temperatures in the around 50.

The rest of the series is looking more promising.

A risk of showers will remain on Tuesday evening, however the showers will be widely scattered by the evening hours with generally dry conditions expected over most locations. Although a delay is possible, the game will likely be played. Winds will be from the southwest around 5 to 10 mph. Temperatures will range from 56 to 60 degrees..

On Wednesday afternoon, a risk of showers will still exits but will become isolated through the day. Although a delay is possible, the game will likely be played. Winds will be from the southwest around 5 to 15 mph. Temperatures will range from 58 to 61.
Unfortunately, it looks as if the great weather that blessed the first weekend of games at the new Stadium is long gone. In its place is a soggy atmosphere, ready to ruin baseball games. It should be interesting to see the attendance of these games. This weekend, the Yankees didn't come close to cracking 50,000 people, and they just blasted out an email this morning stating that "tickets are still available" for the Oakland series. Is it possible that they won't crack 40,000 for one of these games?

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