Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Yankee Stadium Stories From Around The Blogoverse

Since today is the day that George Steinbrenner's new palace in the South Bronx is finally unveiled, we thought we'd link to some of the most "Stadium Insider-esque" stories written by our fellow Yankee bloggers.
  • Lisa over at Subway Squawkers is sad to hear that fans will no longer have the opportunity to line up outside of the player's entrance to the stadium and catch a glimpse of their heroes. This probably will be disappointing for some, but we were never fans of waiting around just to see those guys in their street clothes. They hardly ever signed autographs, and usually made a beeline for their cars to avoid raucous, barricade-crashing autograph hounds like you see in this video (scroll to the 1:40 mark).
  • Greg at Sliding Into Home did what he does and uncovered all of the new Yankee Stadium videos. That one by Red Storm production is worth watching in HD. The wide field level concourse looks like a joy to walk around in. The view of the field is spectacular from the entire walkway. It finally makes sense why the Yankees were thinking about restricting access. As a fan, you can buy a $5 ticket in the bleachers and then just walk around the field level concourse the entire game and get a view as good as those paying hundreds of dollars. It should be noted that this is also the case at Citi Field in Flushing, but the Mets never even considered restricting access to the field level councourse. It really is a relief to see that the Yankees got things right and made it easier to wander around the building.
This post will be updated periodically today since more stories are sure to pop up throughout the day due to the workout. Please check back regularly.
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