Friday, April 24, 2009

Is There A Dedication Plaque At The New Yankee Stadium?

Back in 1998, when Eric Okurowski started his long-standing baseball website,, people were still hanging out in chat rooms on AOL and connecting to the internet via 56k modem. Anyone maintaining an interweb portal for that long is hardcore, so we were honored when he emailed us yesterday. Eric, a Met fan, has already been to Yankee Stadium twice and enjoyed his trips thoroughly. However, as a stadium connoisseur, he has been bothered by the fact that he couldn't find a "dedication plaque" at the new stadium, and wanted to know if we had any luck in doing so. For those of you unaware ignorant to the dedication plaque tradition (like us), you can take a look at some photos from Citi Field and from Camden Yards.

Eric was quick to point out that the old Yankee Stadium did not have a dedication plaque, so it is entirely possible that one does not exist for the new Yankee Stadium. It seems like a nice touch, but we won't be surprised if the Yankees left it out. It seems like many of the small details that make a ballpark seem finished and more welcoming were never added at the new Yankee Stadium, evidenced by the industrial and gray feel.

Since we are stumped, we will leave this one up to the readers. Has anyone seen a dedication plaque at the New Yankee Stadium? Does Yankee tradition precede the tradition of a dedication plaque? Was the George Steinbrenner statue built in place of a dedication plaque? Does this matter to anyone other than the person who runs an awesome baseball stadium website? Let us know in the comments!
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