Friday, April 3, 2009

Obstructed View TVs In The Bleachers At The New Yankee Stadium And The Unfortunate Revelation That YMCA Will Be Back

Ever since Lonn Trost announced the obstructed view seats in the bleachers, he has also touted the large hi-def monitors that would replace the view of the opposite field, thus making the $5 price the best bargain in Yankee Stadium.

Well, Andrew over at Scott Proctor's Arm just got his NSI-on and uncovered some new obstructed views for the fans in the bleachers - obstructed views of the TV screens meant to make up for the obstructed views of the field

Wait. What? How about some photo evidence:

We really hate to constantly be critical of the Yankees, but did it really take a genius to figure out that the screens need to be tilted off of the wall a bit? Are we really expecting too much out of these people?

Kudos to Andrew at Scott Proctor's Arm for calling this out, and kudos to Greg at Sliding Into Home for aggregating the photos from 8 million different sources.

In some other NSI-natured Yankee Stadium reporting, Jay over at Fack Youk has a spoiler alert - YMCA will make its return tonight at the new Yankee Stadium. Jay rips Lonn Trost fairly well over there, so we will spare you the repetition. The good news is that the Cubs fans in attendance tonight should really enjoy it (if they have never seen that idiocy before). Jay has a great bit in his piece about the nostalgia aspect of this decision. It is worth a read, if you are like us and can't stand the Yankees and their fans constantly clinging to meaningless things from their past.
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