Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainout Likely For Monday Night 4/20 - Yankees vs. A's

We will have a full game day forecast by Steve DiMartino from first thing tomorrow morning. For now, he has been kind enough to pass along this unfortunate update:
I wouldn't bet on the game being played tomorrow as the latest guidance coming in has the heaviest rain is expected to be over the Bronx by rush hour through the late evening hours tomorrow, not good for the game for sure.
As for when the game will be made up - River Ave. Blues pointed out earlier today that both teams have an off day this Thursday, and they also have an off day prior to the next time Oakland comes into town in July. A doubleheader is pretty unlikely, as the Yankees are heading into Boston this weekend and won't want to deplete their pitching staff. In addition, this week's games are not sold out, and the Yankees would love to move one to the peak month of July if weather gives them the excuse.

Our early prediction is that tomorrow night's game will be canceled and tickets will be valid for a makeup game on July 23. Gary in the comments points out that July 23 is not a realistic makeup date because of the following clause in the collective bargaining agreement:
ARTICLE V—Scheduling
C. Additional Scheduling Agreements
(10) No Club shall be scheduled, or rescheduled if practicable, to play more than 20 consecutive dates without an open day, or 21 consecutive dates if necessary to accommodate the Hall of Fame Game. A rained-out game may be rescheduled to an open date in the same series, or to an open date at the end of the same series, if (a) the open date is a road off-day for the visiting Club, and (b) the rescheduling does not result in the home team playing more than 24 consecutive dates without an open day, or 25 consecutive dates if necessary to accommodate the Hall of Fame Game.
And Gary notes:
I wouldn't bet on the July 23 makeup game. If the Athletics were to play a game that day, that would make for 28 consecutive days with a game, violating the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The only way a game happens on 7/23 is if the Athletics waive their right to a rest day but I can't imagine that would happen. Another possibility is a day-night DH Wednesday or a 1pm game on their off-day Thursday.
A Wednesday day/night would make sense logistically for travel purposes, but with the Yankees' lack of long relief, it spells trouble.

We'll keep everyone up to date as the day progresses on Monday with any official announcements from the Yankees.
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