Friday, May 15, 2009

Previewing The Homestand Ahead: Welcome Home A-Rod

This seems to have gone well enough last time, so we'll do it again!

The Basics
  • Dates: May 15 - May 24
  • Games: 10
  • Teams: 3
  • Night Games: 6
  • Weekend Day Games: 4
  • Mid-week Day Games: 0
The Yankees return home with their controversial slugger, Alex Rodriguez in tow. A-Rod resumed his legendary career in style last Friday night with a home run in his first at bat off of the disabled list. Since then, he has struggled, so look for the irrational boo-birds to jump on the negative bandwagon quickly if A-Rod continues to bat below .200 in this extremely small sample size. The home stand starts out with a 4 game wrap-around series against the Twins which doesn't exactly have the city abuzz, but finishes with an exciting weekend series against the defending World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies to kick off interleague play.


Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

Fri, May 15 at 7:05PM 4,000+ tickets from $12

Sat, May 16 at 1:05PM 6,000+ tickets from $10

Sun, May 17 at 1:05PM 6,000+ tickets from $13

Mon, May 18 at 7:05PM 12,000+ tickets from $6

Baltimore Orioles @ New York Yankees Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

Tue, May 19 at 7:05PM 13,000+ tickets from $6

Wed, May 20 at 7:05PM 15,000+ tickets from $7

Thu, May 21 at 7:05PM 15,000+ tickets from $7

Philadelphia Phillies @ New York Yankees Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

Fri, May 22 at 7:05PM 16,000+ tickets from $13

Sat, May 23 at 4:10PM 16,000+ tickets from $20

Sun, May 24 at 1:05PM 12,000+ tickets from $22

Before the last home stand, we posted about the soft secondary market for Yankees tickets, while also writing about how useful of a tool could be. Since then the mainstream media seems to have caught on, featuring multiple stories about both topics. For the upcoming home stand, we have enlisted the help of someone who sells tickets for a living to give us some pro-tips about the secondary market. Hopefully these bullet points will ensure that everyone who reads NSI will be armed with all of the knowledge necessary to get great deals on Yankee tickets:

  • April-May baseball is always a tough sell (weather related), the new stadium is just magnifying that fact
  • Yankee stadium capacity is right around 48,000. For any given game on stubhub there are 8,000 - 13,000 seats available for purchase. That’s nearly a quarter of the stadium. The extreme amount of supply is what's pushing down prices.
  • Most of the free tickets given out by the Yankees to the season subscribers in the legends and $325 (full season price) face value seats have hit the secondary market (listed on stubhub). This has [essentially] doubled the amount of these types of seats that are available for purchase. For almost all games the rest of this month, seats between the dugouts on the field level can be had for between $100 $200, which is a lot lower then the $375 [plus service fees] Ticketmaster is currently asking for. $850 face value "Legends Seats" can be had for $500. This has completely devalued all seats in those locations.
  • [Aside from the games against the Phillies and Mets] The Yankees schedule in April/May/June is filled with teams that don’t draw well. Oakland/Baltimore/Tampa/Minnesota/Texas/Washington...
  • Tickets for this for the Twins series (especially the Monday game) can be purchased below face value. The Orioles series is substantially below face value as well.
For some anecdotal evidence, we were forced to sell a pair of tickets for 5/16 against the Twins in the upper deck due to fellow blog author Nick's graduation this weekend. The pair in section 428, Row 10 went for $50 cash via a Craigs List transaction. The face value of the tickets is $40 for the pair. We also sold a pair of tickets to next Saturday's game for a Phillies fan friend who bought too many tickets. His seats were near the foul pole in right field and we got $70 for the pair, again via Craigs List. The pair cost $58 after Ticketmaster service fees, so the profit was minimal. Still, with this secondary market, these are actually success stories. There are plenty of good deals to be had out there if you know where to look!


As always, the official NSI weather forecasts are courtesy of our friend Steve from As seems to be the theme this season, the Yankees are set to return home, and the weather is once again getting active. Here is Steve's weekend Yankee Stadium forecast, with a sneak peak at the weather for the rest of the home stand:
This home stand may start wet, however dry and warm conditions will be expected for much of the rest of the home stand going forward!

As the Yankees host the Twins this weekend, many people are going to wish the Twins brought the dome with them.

For tonight's game, look for overcast skies with a threat of a shower through the game. The majority of the precipitation will remain well south of the Bronx, so I expect at worst a delay if any impact at all. Winds will be from the north around 5 to 15 mph around game time. This will produce a left to right wind current in the outfield, which will tend to push fly balls to the left. Temperatures will range from 65 to 71 through the game.

On Saturday afternoon, a better threat of showers and thunderstorms can be expected, especially towards the later innings of the game. The game will likely start on time, however there is a pretty good threat for a delay as showers pass through with the warm front. A break in the rainfall ahead of an advancing cold front will give the opportunity to finish the game. Winds will be from the south around 10 to 20 mph, which will produce a wind current from right to left, or basically the opposite influence from the Friday night game. Game time temperatures will range from 67 to 70 degrees.

Sunday is not going to be pretty for baseball conditions. A slow moving cold front will bring widespread showers and thunderstorms. The majority of the rain will fall in the morning however. There is a good potential for a delay, but clearing conditions should be expected by the afternoon. Winds will veer to the northwest around 10 to 20 mph which will produce a wind current out towards right field. Keep an eye on fly balls along the right field line as they will likely carry a bit further than normal. Game time temperatures will range from 56 to 60 degrees.

On Monday evening, high pressure will be in control with clear skies and winds from the northwest around 5 to 10 mph, which will be blowing out to right field. However, the impact from the winds should not be as significant as Sunday. Game time temperatures will range from 58 to 60.

High pressure will dominate through the rest of next week with clear and DRY conditions. Temperatures through the week will average slightly above normal,which means temperatures will likely range from the upper 60's to mid 70's in the evening hours of these games.

So all in all, while the start of the home stand may be unpleasant, the majority of the games this time will be rain free.
Please check out Steve's great weather site, for the latest updates to the forecast.

Stadium News and Notes
  • A-Rod's long-awaited return
After the steroid bombshell dropped, we initiated a poll designed to get an idea of the fan reaction when A-Rod made his new Yankee Stadium debut. At the time, we didn't realize the debut wouldn't come until Mid-May. The poll results were mixed, and that is what we expect the reaction at Yankee Stadium to be. The smart fans will either cheer or be quiet, and the ignorant "fans" will boo loudly, so it will sound like a mixed reaction. If A-Rod had followed up his first at bat heroics of Friday night, it would have been mostly cheers.
  • Stay off my Lonn
Lonn Trost once again proved why 90% of Yankees fans hate his guts and told the common man to stay out of the rich people's homes (including NYU graduates). The Yankees responded to the negative press by amending the batting practice/ field level access policy. The Yankees are hoping to make nice with jaded fans by finally doing the right thing and opening up certain field level sections for anyone to watch batting practice from. The multi-million dollar high definition screen had some issues last home stand, which most certainly left Trost scrambling for the number of the nearest Geek Squad. Reports from NYU graduation stated that the screen was fixed in time for Hillary Clinton's riveting keynote speech.
  • Cheers & Jeers
Cheers: Johnny Damon. Fellow blog author Nick suggested a Johnny Damon hit it here target for right field at the new Yankee Stadium, and hopefully some intrepid Yankees fans oblige. Are there enough real fans out there to put this plan into motion? Regardless of whether or not those signs pop up, Johnny Damon is on fire, and will certainly be the Yankee to receive the loudest cheers during this home stand.

Jeers: Mark Teixeira/ A.J Burnett. This one was a real toss-up, but in the end we decided that both of the high-priced acquisitions will feel the wrath of the Yankee Stadium faithful. As much as we despise when fans boo their own, Teixeria is struggling to hit above .200 and Burnett has a 5+ ERA, so there isn't too much to be positive about. Although Robinson Cano is ice cold and riding on the interstate with runners in scoring position, Yankees fans will inevitably let him off the hook. After all, he is home grown!

Which Games We'll Be At

As we mentioned previously, we are out of town this weekend, but we will be at the Monday night game against the Twins, as well as the Wednesday night game against the Orioles. Nick should make his long-awaited regular debut at the new Yankee Stadium for one or both of those games - hilarity should ensue. Next weekend's Memorial Day Weekend games against the Phillies are in the air, as we may be out of town. If we're not there, Nick will be there.

Special Shout-Out

Please join in and congratulate Nick, who is graduating from college this weekend. We may or may not have predicted dire things for his college career around 5 years ago, but he certainly proved us wrong. Nick has a GPA in the high 3's and is graduating with some kind of nerdy honors. Sadly for New Stadium Insider, he will be heading off to North Carolina to be a PA for One Tree Hill in June, so he won't be contributing much for the 2009 season. Who knows, by the time he moves back to the city the Yankees may have fixed more of the issues with the new Yankee Stadium and maybe Lonn Trost will be history. Yeah, right.
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