Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mystique & Aura Have Finally Made The Move Over To The New Yankee Stadium

With three walk off wins in three days, it is time for New Stadium Insider to take a [not so] serious look at the circumstances surrounding this sudden return to glory at Yankee Stadium.
  • The Yankees relaxed their batting practice policies, and real fans are now able to give the players some encouragement before the games. Mystique and Aura approve.
Devil's advocate says: For all three of these walk off wins, there was no batting practice, due to bad weather.
  • The Yankees have played three games at home this season with A-Rod in the lineup. They have won all three games in walk off style. Coincidence? We think not.
Devil's advocate says: He only won Saturday's game. With his salary, he should hit a walk off home run every single game.
  • We weren't at the games. We are clearly bad luck for the Yankees.
Devil's advocate says: We actually were at the first second walk off win in Yankee Stadium history against the Angels, so we are no strangers to late-inning heroics.

Jokes aside, the Yankees have received stellar bullpen work this weekend, along with timely hits. Sprinkle in quality starting pitching and suddenly the new Yankee Stadium is a haven for magic moments. Let's hope the Yankees can make it four walk off wins in a row tomorrow night when the recent college graduate Nick makes his long-awaited new Yankee Stadium, regular season debut.
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