Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aubrey Huff Fist-pumps, Gives Joba A Taste of His Own Medicine

When we first saw the below, the initial reaction was: "make that f*^%er pay the next time he steps into the batter's box." Then we realized that Aubrey Huff's reaction to achieving the utmost success during his at bat was exactly the same as Joba fist-pumping in celebration of his strikeout conquests. With Joba on the mound, there was nothing for us to be mad about.

It is unlikely that Aubrey Huff was thinking similarly when he mocked Joba - he probably just wanted to get a rise out of the guy who has quickly become the least liked pitcher in baseball.

With Joba, Yankees fans must come to accept the good with the bad - when he pitches, he will be a lightning-rod for controversy.

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