Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/5 Yankees vs. Red Sox Game Day Weather Forecast - Raw & Cool, But Playable

Well, last night was quite a fiasco. We had a feeling in the middle of the day that the Yankees would wait it out until after 9 PM (keep an eye on our Twitter page for cutting-edge updates like that). As usual, the Yankees seemingly have no professionals on staff when it comes to weather forecasting. The rain was falling with the same intensity for the first two innings that it was from 7-9 PM, so why didn't they just start the game on time? Yankees, if you are reading this, hire Steve DiMartino, an independent meteorologist who runs NYNJPAWeather.com. He'll make sure that your weather decisions don't result in near-riots outside of the stadium.

Speaking of Steve, he is back with an update for tonight's game, which we won't be attending because we are supposed to have a softball game. Most likely, that will be canceled, so we'll be watching from home. For those of you attending the game tonight, here is what to expect weather-wise:
I can't believe they played that game in those conditions. Heard they didn't treat the fans too well either. Bad move to play that game at freaking 9:30 PM! Anyway, today's conditions look a bit more reasonable for the game. The game will be played in a time period between the exiting disturbance bringing showers this morning and another disturbance moving up the coast from Maryland late tonight. Although cloudy conditions can be expected, the game should be played at a normal start time. There will be a growing risk of showers towards the end of the game. Winds will be from the northeast around 5 to 15 mph. Temperatures will range from 49 to 52 through the game. So overall, a drier forecast relative to yesterday, but still not the best conditions. The best way to describe this evening is raw and cool.
So there you have it, an on-time start is predicted, so layer up and bring some rain gear just in case. To think, Mets fans enjoyed 90 degree weather during their team's home games last week. Hopefully the tides will turn later in the season, because this sucks.
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