Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's Show Johnny Damon Some Love - With A Target Sign!

The 2009 season has been pretty dismal thus far for the Yankees. From empty seats and fan outrage to horrible pitching and struggles in the clutch, there has been very little to cheer about. In fact, I think there have been more boo's at "The New House"(Ugh, I actually hate that nickname) than cheers. That's a bit scary. I urge fans not to boo players who are struggling, but rather support the ones who ARE performing.

The player most deserving of our support is the Yankees best hitter to date, Johnny Damon. Damon has flown under the radar of a lot of Yankees fans, and I think its about time we show him the love he deserves. In many ways, he has been one of Brian Cashman's finest signings.

A look what Johnny has done in 3+ with the Yankees:
.288 AVG/.363 OBP/.456 SLG (.819 OPS)

How does that compare to what he did before donning Pinstripes? It actually exceeds his prior production, in KC, Oakland and Boston:
.290/.353/.431 (.784 OPS)

The start of the 2009 season has been especially exceptional for Johnny, who is in the final season of his contract with the Yankees. So far this season, Damon has 7 home runs, 19 RBI's and has a .973 OPS. He is on pace to break career highs in homers, RBI and walks. I know it's early, but its worth noticing

Beyond the basic stat line, Damon has delivered his home runs when they've mattered most, injecting life into a team with barely a pulse. 4 of Damon's 7 home runs have come with men on base.

So this is what I propose: Instead of perpetuating the overwhelming negativity being cultivated by many Yankees fans, lets TRY to be positive. Since Johnny has been blasting homers to right field in the new stadium, we propose fans out in right start holding up signs reminiscent to the ones held up for Paul O'Neill, with a target in the O.

Here's my try at the "Damon Hit It Here Sign":

Click to open full size

As fans, we need to enjoy the players a bit more than I feel some fans have the past few seasons. Let's start by showing JD the love he deserves! I hope someone picks up this idea and runs with it!

We might have a free pair of Yankee tickets if someone can pull up an old photo of the O'Neill target signs, especially one with O'Neill spelled wrong!
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