Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NYU Graduation At Yankee Stadium - Legends Suite: Too Cool For School?

Photo courtesy @JaredLevy on Twitter

UPDATE: Our friends over at Subway Chatter have more photos

Tying in with yesterday's news from the Lonn Trost press conference, we have received reports from multiple sources that NYU's graduation at the New Yankee Stadium featured a familiar sight: empty seats closest to the field.

As of now, we don't have photo evidence but according to attendees and graduates (congratulations!), the seats that Lonn Trost infamously referred to as houses were empty. If these reports are true, it isn't really too surprising. After all, why would the rich folks want crazy college kids hanging out in their "houses?"

Just like during baseball games (and batting practice before the games), the common folk should know their role and sit in the cheap seats during a commencement ceremony. Hopefully some of these NYU graduates (who happen to pay the college tuition equivalent of Legends seat prices) will become high-level executives and one day have the privelege of sitting in "the greatest seats in the world."
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