Saturday, February 7, 2009

The first ever New Stadium Insider poll!!!

By popular demand, New Stadium Insider has posted the first poll in its short weblog history.

If you look at the top of the sidebar, you will notice a new poll looking to gauge the reaction that A-Rod will receive on opening day at Yankee Stadium. Feel free to spread the word on this poll so we get as large of a sample size as possible.

As of today, my reaction would be indifference as a silent protest. I have long lamented fans of teams booing their own players. In this case, I probably won't blame people for voicing their displeasure in that manner, but I probably won't partake.

If the response is respectable, we hope to have other polls up during the 2009 season - mostly having to do with some aspect of attending games at the new Yankee Stadium. As for all of this A-Rod business, expect this to be the last post on the topic for a while.

Talk about it in the Stadium Insider Forums!


Leonora said...

he's not wearing #21 so why would i boo?? as we all know there is no greater offense in baseball than wearing paul o'neill's number!

Ross said...

hahaha, well-played.

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