Friday, May 15, 2009

The Yankees Revise Some Gate Opening Times?

UPDATE: Here is all of the proof that one needs that it is a bad idea to create a blog entry after working a 12 hour day. Some folks clearly more sharp than us have pointed out that if we had read our previous blog entry, it was clear which gates would open 3 hours early:
Remember fans, on game days, arrive early. Yankee Stadium Gates on Babe Ruth Plaza and Gates 2 and 8, open three hours prior to the start of every home game.
We could have blamed our idiocy on Bryan Hoch's confusing article, but we'll take the high road and blame the sleep deprivation. Feel free to read our initial ramblings through the strike-through below.

Back in March, we applauded the Yankees for opening gates to the new stadium an hour earlier than in the past, allowing fans three hours before the game to check out batting practice, Monument Park, The Yankees Museum and other parts of the new stadium.

Apparently, those early openings were not met with much fan enthusiasm, because the Yankees are changing the policy. According to an article on
In addition, Monument Park and the Yankees Museum will be open three hours before the start time of every home game, as well as the field-level Yankees team stores, Tommy Bahama's Bar and select concession stands in the bleachers and on the first base side of the field level.

Guests with tickets in premium seating areas, including Legends Suite, DeltaSKY360 Suite, H&R Block Suite Level and Jim Beam Suite, may access the stadium three hours prior to the start game of every home game via the Suite Entrance adjacent to Gate 4.

All other gates and areas of the stadium open two hours prior to the start time of every home game, with gate times subject to change.

Someone needs to clarify where regular fans (not suite holders) enter the stadium three hours before first pitch. According to the above excerpt, the museum and Monument Park open three hours early, but only suite holders are allowed to enter the stadium, via their uppity entrance. Anyone who has visited the new Yankee Stadium knows that the lines for the new Monument Cave Park and The Yankee Museum are extremely long, so having three hours isn't that crazy.

We suspect that this is a logistical change, and the only effect it will have on early-bird Yankees fans is that they will have to enter through a specific gate. From a logistical standpoint, it probably doesn't pay for the Yankees to have all of their employees manning the gates three hours prior to game time. It doesn't specify in the article, but lets hope that fans are allowed to watch Yankees batting practice in that extra hour. As we have pointed out before, when gates used to open two hours before the game, fans only get to see the visiting team take BP.
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