Sunday, May 3, 2009

UPDATED: Yankees vs. Angels Postponed Sunday May 3, 2009 No Makeup Date Scheduled

Update (3:55 PM): Just getting to this now, because we were actually at the game. Obviously, it was postponed. No official makeup date has been announced, but here is the official word from the Yankees:


The New York Yankees announced that today's game between the Yankees and Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium has been postponed due to inclement weather. A date for the rescheduled game is yet to be determined.

Fans holding paid tickets for the May 3 postponed game may use them for the rescheduled game between the Yankees and Angels or exchange their paid tickets for any regular season game at Yankee Stadium within 12 months of the postponed game (subject to availability).

Tickets can be exchanged at Yankee Stadium Advance Ticket Windows only (open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and until two (2) hours after the scheduled start time of any regularly scheduled home game).

Complimentary tickets (COMP) or equivalent tickets bear no cash value and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for any benefits that may be offered to ticket(s) with a dollar value.

Now, lets just hope tomorrow night's game against Boston can be played! Unfortunately, more rain is in the forecast. Steve from is now 2 for 2 in game day predictions of postponements. Be sure to check out his website for all of your weather needs. You can check out the original prediction if you

We were going to keep updating the previous weather post, but with this news, it was worth a new post.

In what is sure to cause a scheduling conundrum, it looks as though the Yankees and Angels are going to be washed out today due to steady rain in the forecast. Lets get the latest from Steve DiMartino of
A rainy day is expected in the Bronx with periods of rain through the afternoon and into the evening hours. Winds will veer from the southeast to northeast around 5 to 15 mph. Temperatures will rise slightly from this morning with game time temperatures between 59 and 63. Certainly not the best conditions for baseball. At the very least there should be a lengthy delay with logic dictating a postponement
The only logical day for a makeup game if today's game is rained out would be on September 14 in New York. Both teams are off that day, and the Angels would be heading from Anaheim to Boston anyway. Sure, it is not the ideal situation, but it is the only time that makes sense, especially since the 14th is scheduled to be the Yankees second off day in a five day stretch.

This is the Angels' one and only trip to the Bronx this year, and the Yankees won't want to give up a home game at their new stadium to play the game in Anaheim during one of their two trips out there. One of the Yankees' trips to Anaheim falls right before the All-Star Game, so the teams would have to play a makeup game out in Anaheim on the day of the home run derby, since neither team has an off day before the series. The off day after the Yankees/Angels series in September has the Yankees traveling to Boston, and the Angels staying home to face the A's, so it is unlikely they would fly back to NY that day to play the game. Theoretically the teams could play the Yankees' home game in Anaheim on that day, but then the Yankees would not have a travel day before heading to Boston and also would lose the home game.

There isn't much more of a nightmare scenario for a home team than games getting rained out during an opponent's one and only trip to the stadum. The Yankees were lucky when the Angels' fellow West Coast team the A's had a rainout in the Bronx a couple of weeks ago because the A's make another trip to the stadium this year. It seems like the Yankees make two trips to Anaheim every year, so the luck ran out with this potential rainout.

Once again, we'd like to curse the baseball Gods for giving the Mets 90 degrees and sunny for their second home stand, and the Yankees the threat of rain every single day. Hopefully the Yankees won't have any more postponements against the Red Sox or Tampa Bay Rays, although those would be easier to make up.

Keep an eye on the official update page, and expect lengthy delays, as the Yankees will do all they can to try to squeeze this one in. The radars do not paint a pretty picture:

Current Radar in United States region
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