Friday, May 29, 2009

Melky Cabrera Was Distracted in 2008

Finally, we have gotten to the bottom of the Melkman's struggles in 2008. Apparently, he was spending his spare time getting cozied up with porn star Marey Carey (not to be confused with Harry Caray, or Derek Jeter's ex-squeeze, Mariah Carey).

The best line from Melky in what appears to be a drunken, (possibly post-sex) interview conducted by the XXX starlet is at the 1:15 mark:

"I'm no gay. I like-a the woman"

Well said, Melky. Now lets try to step it up from porn stars to at least the hot stripper waiting for her big break.

Hat tip for finding the video goes to a blog that is attempting to be the Perez Hilton of sports blogs, and hat tip to Melky for the most gangster farmer's tan north of the Mason Dixon line.
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