Friday, May 15, 2009

Could Lonn Trost (and Randy Levine) Be On The Way Out The Door?

"Look, we can't lose the next generation of Yankee fan because a father can't afford to take his kid to a game."
- Lonn Trost, July 13, 2008

“If you purchased a suite, do you want people in your suite? If you purchased a house, do you want people in your house?”
- Lonn Trost, May 12, 2009

Are you wondering why there is such a difference in those quotes? One was a media-trained Lonn Trost being profiled by a newspaper, the other was Lonn Trost being taken to task at a press conference. "Press conference Lonn" is probably a better indicator of his true feelings about the type of Yankees fan that the new Yankee Stadium caters to, as he wasn't prepped for the questions, and was speaking off the cuff.

"I practically lived in old Yankee Stadium, that's why, when the architect said, 'We're going to move right field in a foot,' I said, 'Oh, no, you're not.' To Yankee fans, those distances are sacred."
- Lonn Trost, July 13, 2008

Most of right field is shorter in the new park, by as much as 9 feet, but more typically by 4-5 feet
- Greg Rybarczyk (Hit Tracker Online) April 19, 2008

Apparently, Lonn Trost's architect punked him, because right field in the new stadium is most definitely shorter - and home runs are flying out because of it. That extra 9 feet probably allowed the Yankees to add 2 or 3 extra rows of $95 seats, so in Trost's mind, it was a no-brainer.

We don't take joy in anyone potentially losing their job, but when it comes to a weasel like Lonn Trost, we will admit that 1050 ESPN Radio's breaking news this afternoon actually brightened our day. Word that Randy Levine may be on the chopping block as well is icing on this fiery cake.

These two men have single-handedly disenfranchised thousands of Yankees fans with their out of touch policies and decisions. Babe Ruth, George Steinbrenner and Derek Jeter have all spoken about Yankees fans and how they one of the main reasons for the team's consistent success for over the years. With the new Yankee Stadium fiasco, Lonn Trost and Randy Levine seem to have lost sight of that important point, and they may lose their jobs because of it. If the reports are true, we wish Trost and Levine the best of luck in their future endeavors and pity the poor fools who allow them to ruin another organization.
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