Monday, May 4, 2009

UPDATED! More Bad Weather News: Yankees vs. Red Sox May 4, 2009 Likely To Be Postponed

Update (5/4 11:45 AM): Sadly, Steve has more bad news to report.
Basically no changes in the forecast. This is the dry slot trick I alluded to this morning that would give some a bit of false hope for the game tonight. All that rain over southwestern and central Pennsylvania is going to move right towards the Bronx this afternoon and evening.
and over at his website,, he provides us with some detail:
However, the upper disturbance associated with the rain this morning is moving directly towards the forecast area. The lifting ahead of the upper disturbance is spawning scattered showers within the “dry slot” this hour. However, as the day progresses into the evening hours, the steady rain over southwestern and central Pennsylvania will move over the Philadelphia and New York City metros. The heaviest rain is likely to occur between 5 PM and 9 PM as the upper low moves through. Clearing conditions can be expected after 10 PM as this upper disturbance exits.
You can read the original bad news along with our feelings about the inevitable "retractable roof" talk, if you

Well, this is now two mornings in a row that we have woken up to a sobering weather update from our friend Steve over at Apparently, heavy rain is once again forecast to affect the Yankees game:
Here is the latest update!

Don't be fooled by a brief break in the afternoon over the Bronx as rain will return quickly this evening, which will continue into tomorrow morning. The heaviest rainfall will remain south of the Bronx, but still will likely lead to another postponement if not a lengthy delay. Winds will be from the northeast around 5 to 15 mph.. Temperatures at game time will range from 51 to 54 degrees.

Drier conditions are expected for tomorrow evening's game. In fact, if it was really necessary, a double header starting in the afternoon would be possible as far as weather conditions at least. Partly cloudy to overcast skies are expected with winds from the east around 5 to 15 mph. Temperatures at official game time would range from 53 to 56 degrees.

Have a great day!
We haven't even thought about potential makeup dates yet, but since this game is against Boston, there will be plenty of opportunities.

With the cost of the new stadium anywhere between $1.2 and $1.7 billion, we can expect the "why was there no retractable roof built on the new place" critics to rear their ugly heads. The answer is that during most summers in New York City, there would not be enough rain to make the investment in a retractable roof worth the investment. So far this season, the Yankees are just extremely unlucky with weather. Lets hope it doesn't affect the team's play on the field in August/September when they have to make these games up!
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