Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The impact of an outspoken fan base -- The Yankees are listening.

“There are a lot of things wrong with this building we’re trying to fix. With the help of the fans and the media, we’re looking into everything.” - Yankees Senior Adviser Felix Lopez on WCBS (via Sam Borden - LoHud)

The security seems much more relaxed. Movable concession stands have been relocated to more convenient, accessible areas. Silly policies have been changed, and some ticket prices have been dropped. Last night, I attended my first regular season game of the season. I had a much better time than I had at either of the exhibition games I went to, noticing several changes since I last visited in early April.

It has been well documented here at NSI that we aren't completely satisfied with the new stadium. In fact, Ross went as far as hinting he may have enjoyed Citi Field more than Yankee Stadium. But it's time to commend the Yankees for quickly responding to some complaints from fans, and addressing some of the issues at the new stadium.

Have all of the issues been addressed? Of course not. Monument park is still a joke, there are still entire sections of seats going unsold, and the ball continues to fly out of the park at an historic pace. BUT, if the first 6 weeks of the season are an indicator, the Yankees will come up with logical solutions in due time, and it is up to fans and the media to continue to hold the Yankees accountable.

We have to understand that this is a process. Not every stadium opens as the "perfect park". Hell, this one may never come anywhere near perfection. As fans, we should continue to be vocal, because it seems that the Yankees are willing listen.

Sometimes we may not enjoy every detail of this new stadium. But if there are major issues that need to be addressed, we all want to know. At New Stadium Insider, we love to speak up, and we hope our readers do as well. Stay aware of the fact that if there are issues with the new stadium, the Yankee front office deserves to know, as do fellow fans who might not have gotten an opportunity to visit yet. Who knows what difference it could eventually make?
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