Monday, May 4, 2009

Yankees Continue To Slash Prices - This Time On Audi Yankees Club & Batter's Eye Seats

An exciting email just hit the inbox from the New York Yankees. Apparently, team executives are starting to realize that seats other than the Legends seats are overpriced at the new Yankee Stadium.

Ticket prices for the upcoming mid-week series against the Tampa Bay Rays have been slashed - specifically in the Audi Yankees Club, and the recently re-branded "Batter's Eye seats" (formerly Bleacher Cafe seats). This doesn't come as much of a surprise, since resellers and ticket brokers have informed us that the secondary market has crashed, and tickets for the series against the Rays are nearly impossible to sell.

Directly from the Yankees, here are the offers:
E-Saver: Audi Yankees Club
May 6-7 vs. Rays
Save $50 on Audi Yankees Club seats and enjoy a tiered seating climate controlled space, and a complimentary upscale dining experience. This offer is compliments of Audi.
Coupon Code: AUDICLUB

E-Saver: Batter's Eye seats located in the Bleachers Cafe
May 6-7 vs. Rays
Save $50 on Batter's Eye seats. Catch the game perched atop the Batter's eye and enjoy one of the most unique views in the Stadium. This offer is compliments of Pepsi.
In our opinion, the Audi Yankees Club seats are priced to move, while the Batter's Eye seats are still a rip-off.

In the Audi Club, you will have a top notch, all you can eat dinner, and a nice view of the field for $90. We're tempted to jump on this offer, as the Lobel's guys have told us that they distribute all of the meat served there, and with the all you can eat offer, it is a great deal. As for the Batter's Eye, drop the price below $50 and we'll think about it.

Expect to see more of these Yankee "E-Savers" in the future, as they will do the right thing and try to fill the stadium, not matter how deep the discounts have to be.
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