Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yankees New Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Video Screen Broken Already?

(click the photo to see the damage)

What you see above is what happens to a 101- by 59-foot HD Diamond Vision scoreboard manufactured by Mitsubishi after it spends a week in the rain. We're not television repairmen, so we can't say what is wrong with it, but we immediately noticed the glitch as soon as we entered Yankee Stadium on Thursday, May 7. For those with not-so-impressive eyesight, take a look at the stuff on the right side of the video screen that looks like sound meter bars. Those aren't supposed to be there.

The Yankees have not divulged the cost of this mammoth screen, but the Dallas Cowboys are installing one only slightly larger and it cost them $35 million. If we had to guess, we'd think this one set the Yankees back at least half of that. Perhaps the Yankees should have been like the Mets and gone with a Daktronics screen?

Hopefully Mitsubishi offers a good warranty...

A couple of more photos if you

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