Saturday, May 2, 2009

UPDATED: Weekend Weather For Yankees vs. Angels - Saturday Should Not Be Affected By Rain, Sunday A Different Story

UPDATE (5/2 9:00 AM) This update comes from Steve DiMartino of
I got some good news. The cold front has moved south of New York City and will remain over southern New Jersey through the day. Winds will be from the north and north-northwest around 5 to 15 mph through today's game. I expect generally dry conditions through much of the game, but can't rule out a few isolated showers after 2 PM, so the later innings may be impacted by a delay in the game or at least wet conditions. Temperatures will range from 63 to 66 degrees.
So, there is some good news for the folks heading out to today's game!

UPDATE (5/1 3:30 PM) If you look out the window shortly and see heavy rain, don't think that the game will be canceled. This is the cold front pushing through, and it is going to bring along with it some rain, and possibly thunderstorms. It should push through early enough that the start of the game is not delayed. Batting practice will likely be canceled, but its not like you can get anywhere close to the field anyway.

We will be updating this post throughout the weekend (The original post is after the jump), and bumping it to the top of the page as updates are required. Steve should be providing us with updated weather discussions, so please check back for that. We'll also try to stay in close contact with the Yankees to find out if any of the games are canceled. Everyone else can keep an eye on the official Yankee weather update page.

Well, Steve hinted at this yesterday, and now it appears to be something we are going to have to deal with - bad weather for this weekend's Yankees vs. Angels series. Since we are obviously not the experts, we will direct you over to, and specifically this paragraph of today's weather discussion:
So basically, showers will remain a threat through today with a line of strong to potentially severe thunderstorms this evening as the cold front moves through the forecast area. The main threat from the thunderstorms will be heavy downpours, wind gusts over 50 mph, and frequent lightning. The severe threat can be characterized as isolated.
And then we have this depressing statement from Steve:
As you can see, this is not the best weekend for going to the beach or to a ball game. A threat for showers and thunderstorms will linger over the region through the weekend with heavy rain at times. Temperatures will remain near to below normal through the weekend and into early next week. A return of temperatures in the 70’s is expect towards the middle and end of next week.
Of course - the good weather was wasted when the Mets were at home.
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