Thursday, May 7, 2009

Game Day Weather For The Final Game Of The Home Stand

And what a miserable home stand it has been. Between the team on the field, and the weather, we have never been so happy to see the Yankees embark on a road trip. First, we need to get through the final game on Thursday night, with the Yankees hoping to salvage a split of the two game set.

Back once more is Steve DiMartino of, since the threat of rain isn't completely gone. He also gives us a sneak peak at the weather that the Yankees will have to deal with on their short trip down to Baltimore. Spoiler alert: it isn't good.

Take it away, Steve:
Here's the latest forecast update to this incredibly insane wet pattern!

The Yankees will be playing in a limited window of dry conditions once again. Skies will clear this evening with winds from the southwest around 10 to 20 mph. I can't rule out an isolated shower, however compared to the past several days, the weather conditions will be much more favorable for baseball conditions. Temperatures will range from 64 to 68 degrees.

A note for the road trip, although the Yankees will leave the Bronx, they won't be leaving the wet conditions as they travel to Baltimore this weekend. Good news is that in Toronto, they play indoors, no worries about the weather there!
Unfortunately, the bad news about going to Toronto is that they are good this year, while the Yankees are a middling .500 team.

Sorry for the pessimism today, but between the Yankees losing streak and the rainy weather, there isn't too much to be positive about. We'll be at the game tonight, so hopefully a Yankee win with some nice weather will cheer us up.
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