Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time Magazine Shows You How To Get The Most Out Of The Legends Seats

Since we did something similar with the Audi Yankees Club last month, we thought we'd pass along Time Magazine's attempt to get their money's worth out of a Yankee Stadium premium ticket offering.

The article was written by an un-funny Yankee hater, but it is worth reading to fantasize about being afforded the luxury of being a glutton in the Legends Suite for a day:

The Yankees were up 2 to 1, but obviously I had other concerns. A waiter came by with a bag of peanuts ($5) for me to down while I considered the menu. To start, I went with a box of chicken fingers with spicy buffalo sauce ($10), a lobster roll ($15), a hot dog ($5) and two large unsweetened iced teas ($7). And another giant bag of peanut M&Ms ($5). The waiter looked at me suspiciously.

Minutes later the food arrived. The lobster roll was an exaggerated pink paste on white bread. The hot dog was a hot dog. But the chicken fingers and buffalo sauce were a revelation. So I ordered another box ($10). I also remembered that I had brought a friend with me, so we talked a little between bites. But I needed to say focused. When a waitress came by with a tray of pasta plates — remember, this is technically a baseball stadium — I asked if the pasta was any good. Turns out no one had tried any: "Everybody just looks at me like I'm crazy." So: pasta ($15)! And while it was terrible pasta, I felt very good eating it.

We're wondering if the "say focused" typo made it into the magazine as well, or if that is an online-only article. Anyway, back to the "review." It isn't surprising that the food for the Legends Suite is terrible - Legends Hospitality Management runs the place and sources the food. They are a newbie of a company, bound to deal with some growing pains.

Meanwhile, Lobel's supplies the food for the Audi Yankees Club, making it the clear choice if you want to enjoy top notch food while attending a game at the new Yankee Stadium.
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