Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yankee Stadium Wedding Registry - If Trost and Levine steal this idea, remember where you heard it first!

This post was inspired by friend and sometimes NSI commenter BPalm, who half-jokingly suggested to his fiancee that at their upcoming wedding, they hire Mr. Met to show up at cocktail hour and pal around with their guests. She wasn't having it.

But then it got me thinking. The last wedding I attended was my college roommate's. I did some of my best underage drinking with this guy. And what was my present to him? The $80 red toaster that was on his and his fiancee's registry. Seriously.

So what can you do to properly send off a hardcore Yankee fan into a life of bed and breakfasts in Vermont, trimming the lawn on Saturday mornings, and "just takin' it easy" every weekend? The Yankee Stadium Wedding Registry.

I realize this doesn't exist (yet), and seems impractical and frankly kind of stupid at first glance. But hear me out. The groom gets to choose a few different scenarios up front. Depending on how many of his wedding guests decide to contribute to the registry, and how much, that's the package he'll get. It would, in theory of course, include:

Tickets - If it's a small wedding or lots of cheap relatives, then we're looking at bleacher tickets for two. But for a couple hundred bucks, we're already at field level. I mean come on, someone has to sit in those seats, right? (Parking included.)

Dinner - As Ross mentioned in a previous post, the Audi Club is one of the bright spots at the new Stadium. The package would include a nice dinner with a great view of the field, and a little Champagne to celebrate.

Merch - For guys, something random from the gift shop they'd never buy on their own. I'm looking right in your direction, Yankees Jenga. And how about a pink hat and pink Jeter shirt for the ladies? Of course this would work a hundred times better at Alyssa Milano's Touch women's clothing boutique at Citi Field.

Scoreboard - Look, we know the scoreboard greetings are lame. No one cares about cub scout troops or kids' birthdays. And most women I know claim they'd say no if their boyfriend proposed on the big screen (though I still think they're full of crap). But if you're out at the ballpark taking in a game and see yours and your new wife's names followed by, "The Yankees congratulate you on your wedding!", you'd be psyched. Just sayin'.

So send your buddy off the right way with The Yankee Stadium Wedding Registry (patent pending). Because to you, his wedding may be about tipsy bridesmaids. But to him, it's the "happiest" day of his life. So make it count.
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