Friday, February 13, 2009

Yankees respond to internet uproar, say that obstructed seats will be removed

As we reported yesterday and many different media outlets subsequently reported, some unflattering photos from inside of the New Yankee Stadium leaked, revealing obstructed views.

Although we were unable to get in touch with the Yankees media relations office (they don't deal with blogs), ESPN Radio 1050 in New York did. After commenting on the seats in the bleachers that were revealed to have obstructed views back in the summer, the Yankees also commented on the the seats down the left field line:
Now, there were supposedly other seats beyond the outfield that had obstructed views. However, those seats, according to McGillion, have or will be taken out.

She said that those seats - which are behind support columns - will not be there. She said it is common for some seats to be put in in new stadiums and then they check to see after if there is obstructed seats or not.
All's well that ends well, I suppose. Those seats were only a test. I'm sure the cost of installing and ripping those seats out will be completely worth it. When the budget is over 1 billion, small scale construction like that is a drop in the bucket. I'm also sure that eyeballing that section before installing the actual seats was not sufficient, and the seats had to be fully installed. Is this sarcasm? I'll never tell.

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Fake Ian Kennedy said...

Fake Ian Kennedy here. Is there any confirmation that these 200-300 seats were NOT part of anyone's season tickets (therefore they WERE sold already)? Or are they implying that these seats are up for grabs at present?

(BTW, as part of my schtick, I'll be including the word that is provided for word verification with each post, assuming I remember. Today's is: "peres.")

Anonymous said...

You think Yankee Stadium is bad, look how obstructed some seats in left field at citi Field are:

All you will see is the back of the out of town scoreboard

Anonymous said...

That is one of the worst excuses I have ever heard! What a bad spin job!

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