Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Yankees Spring Training TV and Radio Schedule (now with SOPCAST and TV Ants links)

I'll be sure to post the full 2009 Yankees Spring Training TV schedule later. For now, I'm posting this from the mobile device so I'll be short and to the point. Yankees baseball returns to YES on February 26 (just a little over two weeks away!) as the Yankees will take on their bitter AL East rival - the Tampa Bay Rays. Just like last year, I'll do my best to post SOPCAST links for everyone at work or out of town on the day of games.

UPDATE (2/10/09 5:25 PM)
As promised, here is the rest of the schedule on YES:

Date ------- Opponent ------- Time/Network ------- Sopcast Links

February 26 Tampa Bay Rays 1:15 p.m./YES HD espn Taiwan & VP20
February 28 Minnesota Twins 1:15 p.m./YES HD espn Taiwan & VP20
March 3 Team USA 1:15 p.m./YES HDVP5, 400k
March 7 Atlanta Braves 1:15 p.m./YES HDAC TV 141k espnTaiwanSOP
March 10 Cincinnati Reds 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 14 Houston Astros 1:15 p.m./YES HD
March 17 Pittsburgh Pirates 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 19 Toronto Blue Jays 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 24 Boston Red Sox 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 26 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05 p.m./YES HD
April 3 Chicago Cubs 7:05 p.m./YES HD
April 4 Chicago Cubs 1:05 p.m./YES HD

For more information on how to use Sopcast/TV Ants, please click here and here

And here is a schedule of ALL televised Yankees games (for those of you with the sports tier on the Dish):

The MLB Network will also air three games, according to Peter Abraham's LoHud Yankees blog:

MLB Network
March 3 vs. Team USA, 1:15
March 22 at Tampa Bay, 1:05
April 3 vs. Cubs (from New York), 7:05

Two of those games overlap with coverage on YES, the only one not overlapping being the March 22 game.

Still no word on th
e ESPN games , so there will likely be more. Abraham says that ESPN will not be doing any exhibition games, but ESPN is airing a game between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves on February 26. Perhaps he means they won't be covering any YANKEE exhibition games.

Finally, there is radio coverage for many of the games on WCBS 880 in New York:

WCBS 880 (Radio)
Feb. 28 vs. Twins, 1:15

March 7 vs. Braves, 1:15
March 14 vs. Astros, 1:15
March 15 vs. Twins, 1:15
March 21 vs. Tigers, 1:15
March 24 vs. Red Sox, 7:15
March 27 vs. Reds, 7:15
March 29 vs. Pirates, 1:15
April 3 vs. Cubs (from New York), 7:05
April 4 vs. Cubs (from New York), 1:05

Based on a quick comparison of last year's post, it seems that there are more prime-time games this year. As of now, between YES, other local sports networks, and MLB Network, 20 Spring Training games will be televised. Nothing says baseball obsession like watching double-A players square off at Spring Training facilities in March!
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