Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Stadium, same old obstructed views

UPDATE (2/13/09 10:45 AM): This story seems to have caused quite a stir around the interwebs. If you are a member of the New York Yankees media relations team who previously had no interest in speaking to blogs, feel free to email me (contact info is to the right). I would love some sort of explanation on this, even if it is PR spin. Further, if you are an expert on engineering/architectural design and would like to comment on this, I am interested to hear your insight as well.

The Yankees have some explaining to do with this one. Courtesy of user "Mastermind" from NYY Fans, comes this image from inside of the new Yankee Stadium:

After adjusting the white balance, the photo is even more revealing.

Yes, this is a real picture (taken on 2-11-09) from the new stadium built in 2009, not the one built in 1927. Believe it or not, modern construction has apparently not solved the problem of beams in sight lines at sports venues. It should be noted, however, that this photo appears to be taken from BEHIND the last row of seats at the back of the lower level. Therefore, that beam would likely only be in the peripheral vision - blocking a view of the backstop, and not necessarily the action on the field.

From looking at the 3D Seat Selector on, it would appear the section in question is somewhere in the vicinity of section 230 of the main level. Here is a look at how the 3D Seat selector illustrates the beams (sorry it is so dark):

"Mastermind" says the above photo is inaccurate:
I assure you if you are sitting in at least the 2 seats next to the beam you have to lean forward to see. The back of the seat is BEHIND the beam- and there are beams every section along the leftfield line (rightfield beams are set back) and from my view and I will post more pictures- if in fact your [sic] next to the disabled seating area (which is raised) you will also have an obscured view- The photo of the beam in the pic doesnt [sic] do the problem justice
It will be interesting to note whether or not seats like the above will be sold as "obstructed view." As we mentioned this past summer, the Yankees have already run into some bad press about the obstructed views from the left field bleachers, caused by the massive restaurant in center field. Reports from some fans during the relocation process were that the Yankee ticket office was feigning ignorance about the obstructed views in the bleachers until potential buyers called them out on it.

I have high hopes for this new stadium, and I will withhold judgment until the place opens its doors. However, there are already some MAJOR structural issues that have been noted that just should not exist in a 1.3 billion dollar stadium constructed in 2008/2009. If the Yankees would like a chance to set the record straight here, I would be happy to take a tour of the new place. Just throwing it out there.

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mastermind said...

check out the nyfans sight- someone played with the darknees you will see what a problem the beam presents

Ross said...

Mastermind - thanks again for the pic.

I have added a link to the adjusted white balance photo within the post. Really good investigative reporting you did here! I'm thinking it is going to become a big story...

New Fake Ian Kennedy said...

New Fake Ian Kennedy here. Here's how I picture the early blueprint discussions going down...

Head Architect: If we want to build all the luxury boxes you wanted, we're going to have to install very large support beams beneath them. This will ruin the view for a lot of season ticket holders. What should I do?
Old White Guy and Yankee Exec: Do it.
Architect: Should we at least let people know that their formerly good seats are now obstructed view?
Old White Guy: Nah.

james said...

how much is that seat ?

Ross said...

Price is at least $70 per seat (that is the partial plan season ticket holder price, so gameday price is likely more expensive.

Anonymous said...

That seat is $80 game day price

Anonymous said...

Yea, but what they do in other stadiums is the specific seats that have bad obstructed views they decrease the ticket price to like $20.

Anonymous said...

The Yankees? Decrease the price of any ticket? ROTFLMAO!

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