Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fans in the bleachers will have access to the rest of the stadium

The obstructed views are prevalent in the bleachers, but at least they will have access to the rest of the new Yankee Stadium.

According to an article by Neil Best of Newsday, at least one aspect of the bleacher seats in the new stadium will be an upgrade. In the past, if you purchased bleacher tickets, you were confined to the alcohol-free zone in the outfield, with limited concessions. Now, for the $12 admission, you can roam freely around the new stadium. This definitely makes bleacher tickets even more valuable.

Out of hundreds of games I attended at the old Yankee Stadium, only a handful were in the bleachers. I just couldn't stand being confined to the crappy views and crappy concessions that the bleachers offered. When I go to a ballgame, I like to move around, check out the views from other seats and try out different stadium concessions The old bleachers did not allow that, but the new ones do. At least the Yankees got one thing right.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Insider I sent this to Neil best today.
Just to comment on Carton's remarks. He did not break the story of the obstructed view he is so proud of touting (the one with the beams along 3rd base) In fact on Friday the 13th when he first talked about it he cited for sending him the picture. I can personally vouch for the Insider as I was the person who took the picture (I took a tour of NYS on Feb. 11 and posted the picture on the sight on Thursday Feb. 12th) it became an internet sensation and picked up by Carton via the newstadiuminsider. He is a phony claiming he broke the story. And the story about the obstructed bleacher seats has been common knowledge amongst Yankees fans for months
I attached a photo of the obstructed seats- there are more along third baseline
if you lighten the picture you get a better view of the obstruction.
and by the way insider I like the bleachers though we will be neighbors as Im in section 410
the mastermind

Ross said...

Good stuff! I'll have to buy you a beer (if you drink those) at a game this year, since you took the photo that helped get my site a bit more traction in the blogosphere!

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