Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is a uniform number change imminent for Alex Rodriguez?

There seems to be some superstitious folks working at the Footlocker at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY. Pictured above is a photo snapped this past weekend by an intrepid photo-journalist friend of mine, showing A-Rod's "new" number 12 for sale*.

What better way to start anew now that his conscience has been cleared of his past PED abuse? Anyone who believes in mystique and aura knows that #13 is terrible luck.

I'm sure Cody Ransom won't mind trading numbers with him. Even if he does, A-Rod's salary was 60 times Ransom's in 2008, so I'm sure A-Rod can make it worth his while.

*I am aware that Pudge Rodriguez was #12 for the Yankees last year, and that is why this jersey is being sold at Footlocker. That being said, it is still full-price and it is currently being merchandised with A-Rod stuff at the store.

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Rob Abruzzese said...

#13 was Jim Leyritz's number and he had plenty of luck with it. And look, he's not wearing it anymore and the dude is in jail.

Anonymous said...

Those are Ivan Rodriguez jerseys dude.

Ross said...

Oh, I guess you awkwardly missed the disclaimer at the bottom of the post, huh bro?

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