Sunday, February 22, 2009

Important scheduling note: Old Timer's Day has been moved to SUNDAY July 19, 2009

A heads up for all of you de facto Yankee ticket brokers out there - the date of Old Timer's Day has been changed to Sunday, July 19, 2009. Previously, the game was scheduled for Saturday, July 18 and was noted as such on various Yankee ticket documents.

A quick look at the official schedule from confirms the change. Early reports are that of frustration from Yankee fans. Stubhub now allows fans to sell their "e-tickets" before season tickets are even printed, so many people have purchased and sold tickets for July 18, thinking they were dealing with Old Timer's Day tickets. On the other hand, tickets to the July 19 game have been and still are undervalued since people largely don't realize they are the proud owners of one of the top premium games on the Yankees home schedule.

One thing is certain - there is never a dull moment when it comes to the Yankee ticket office.

In a bit of other news, the Yankees have announced the alcohol-free sections of the New Yankee Stadium. According to Peter Abraham, the no drinking zones will be in sections 201-204 and 235-239 in the bleachers, as seen on the newest iteration of the handy pocket schedule. That means there will not be any booze-free sections in the Grandstand, a departure from the previous stadium.

In a related topic, I'm still not sure if the bleachers have access to the rest of the stadium. The disconnect between bleacher seats and the rest of the bowl was one of the major reasons that I never sat in the Bleachers in the old stadium. I hated being confined to such a small (and smelly) place. When I go to games, I often like to wander and really take in the surrounds, something that was obviously frowned upon if you had bleacher seats in the old Yankee Stadium.

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Anonymous said...

I dont understand why bleachers are alchohol free- plus I was assigned a seat there and had no choice- I like a few beers at game and now Im given a seat and cant have a beer

Anonymous said...

Well finally some good news. I got downgraded from a 46 plan to the 20 game #2 plan. OTD is now in this plan, so atleast I got that to be thankful for.

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