Friday, February 20, 2009

Some pictures to look at over the weekend...

I'm out of town this weekend, but on the road up to the hated land of New England, I was able to snap some crappy cell phone pictures of the new stadium, the old stadium and some new parking garages being built. All of these photos were taken from the Major Deegan expressway heading North toward the NY State Thruway:

Don't worry, there was plenty of traffic on the Deegan, so the car was at a standstill when these photos were taken. The new parking garages look as nice as new parking garages can look. Without much infrastructure change to the roads in the vicinity, I would still recommend public transportation, no matter how many fancy new parking garages pop up. There is a still a LOT of construction in the area, so expect traffic conditions to be just as bad as the past couple of season while the new stadium was being built.

On another topic, I received a call from the Yankee ticket office today. Apparently my name was up for the B plan casualty list, and they were ready to offer me a B Plan. Unfortunately, they only offered me the $85 seats in the 100's section, or the $50 seats in the 230's section in left field. My seniority is 2005 and I used to have the B Plan in Section 1, Row M. In light of these poor choices that I obviously declined, I will have to deal with no opening day, no Old Timers Day, and no playoff guarantee. At this point, I am completely out of options.

I was also informed by the folks in the actual Yankee ticket office that an outside agency handled the ENTIRE relocation procedure, and they were just there to help disseminate the information, which really surprised me (in a bad way).

I used the opportunity to voice my frustration that I never received a calling giving me the heads up that full season upgrades were happening at a rapid pace which would have at least given me a chance to THINK about becoming a ticket broker and upgrading to full (although I had no plans to do so. Receiving this type of courtesy call would have been the right thing.

Oh well. 20 game plan #1 here I come!

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