Monday, February 9, 2009

BREAKING news: A-Rod admits to using steroids

Apparently the interview is still going on with Gammons, but to paraphrase, A-Rod said that he "felt an enormous amount of pressure after landing the huge contract" and that he "took steroids for a period of time between 2001 and 2003." He claims that he has been clean since 2003 and he seems to have taken a bit of my advice by saying that it was "part of the culture" back then. River Ave. Blues is live-blogging it. The entire interview will air at 6 PM tonight on ESPN.

Now to opine on some blogosphere speculation. Chris over at Sibling Rivalry Sports wonders if the woman formerly known as Cynthia Rodriguez was one of the sources for the Sports Illustrated story. It is an interesting point since A-Rod did meet her in a gym around that time, and they are going through a pretty bitter divorce.

I can't wait until all of this blows over so baseball and not scandal is the main topic of the blog...

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