Sunday, February 1, 2009

Describing the state of the New York Yankees in the past 5 years

Steve over at blasted out an email today, seeking input for a piece he is working on. In the email, he asked Yankee bloggers to describe the state of the Yankees in the past 5 years in 225 words or less. Here is a sneak peak at my take:

DENIAL over the collapse of the dynasty (Acquiring aging, quick fix guys such as Kevin Brown and Randy Johnson to replace the David Wells' and El Duque's).
UPHEAVAL to steer the ship in the right direction (King George relinquishing his post, Cashman taking over baseball operations, Torre getting the cold shoulder, Hal taking charge).
ACCEPTANCE that it is no longer the late 90's and it is time to build a new dynasty (signing A-Rod to a 10 year deal, giving the young pitchers a chance, throwing money around in free agency ONLY to sign top notch players entering their prime, not backing down when a dynasty Yankee demands undeserving money to come back for one more year such as Andy Pettitte.

So, what is your take? Feel free to chime in below in the comments section or you can always talk about it in the Stadium Insider Forums!
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