Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready for the heat of a Yankee summer?

The crappy weather today had me thinking about the HEAT of the 2009 summer! I'm talking about the average fastball velocity of 4 Yankees starters, courtesy of Replacement Level:

Pitcher - 2008 Avg Fastball Velocity*
Sabathia - 93.7 mph
Burnett - 94.3 mph
Wang - 91.8 mph
Chamberlain - 95.0 mph


I can't remember the last time Yankees fans have enjoyed as many fireballers in one rotation. The strikeout numbers should be way up in '09, which should make this rotation extremely tough to top, if healthy.

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Rob Abruzzese said...

That is a pretty good rotation. It'll help guard against poor defense. Also Pettitte can strike out a few from time to time.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the post of sympathy. I am declining my seats and going into I actually havve an email stating my 41 game request would be honored. I paly much better hardball then the Yankees do these days.

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