Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More good news for the few people with cash

It's moments like this, when the New York Yankees temporarily drag me into a strange alternate non-recession minded reality...

New York City Vacation Packages is booking "NY Yankees Party Suite Weekends". The package includes:
•Accommodations for 2-nights or longer in a midtown Manhattan hotel like the Sheraton New York Hotel or the Waldorf=Astoria®
•Suite-style outdoor seats at Yankee Stadium in a Party Suite on the exclusive Suite Level featuring private restroom, multiple television monitors, buffet food and non-alcoholic drinks
•Roundtrip transportation from Midtown Manhattan to and from Yankee Stadium escorted by a licensed tour guide and Yankee Insider (bus departs 3 1/2 hours prior to gametime)
Oh, and apparently much more, too. All this, for just $685.50 per person for a 2-night complete package. Is it just me, or is that a lot of money? To make it even worse, you get a crappy view from the suite, if this 3D rendering is accurate:

Say it ain't so people.
700 bucks?!? There are better uses, and BETTER SEATS FOR CHEAPER! Buy some nosebleed seats, learn to travel like real tourists. And not to beat a dead horse, but I also found this:
Party Suites are limited to 60 guests so make your reservations early before they're sold out - and don’t worry about rounding up all your friends and relatives – you’ll fit right in with all of the other baseball fans in our exclusive suite.
Who wants to share an "exclusive suite" with 60 other people? Just seems like a rip to me.

Talk about it in the Stadium Insider Forums!


Ross said...

It says that the bus ride to and from is hosted by a "Yankee Insider." Nick - that should be your summer job!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that angle sucks for watching the games. I guess they figure people will soak down enough of the free booze to not realize they're 300 feet from home plate.

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