Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weather for the home opener on Monday and a preview of Wednesday

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Neither Nick2Slick or I will be at the home opener tomorrow. As I have mentioned previously, the Yankees don't think the "B" plan is important enough to give us opening day. Just a little bit bitter. Now, the weather update:

Although it will rain overnight Sunday into Monday and there will be some lingering rain showers Monday morning, the rain should be over by game time at 1:05 in the Bronx.

Look for overcast skies, and temps in the lower 50's. It will be damp and chilly, but you should stay dry at least! Look at it this way - at least it isn't in the 30s and at least it isn't snowing!

For up to date radar for the Bronx, click here (Weather Underground Radar)

The game this week that may be washed out by rain is Wednesday's day game. I'll give an update on that sometime on Tuesday. I'm sure Nick2Slick will cry himself to sleep if he doesn't see his old 90's hero Andy make his first start back in the Pinstripes on Wednesday because of the rain. I'll be stuck at work anyway and I'm not too fond of weekday games to begin with, so I don't really mind if Wednesday's game gets rained out. I'm sure I'm in the minority on that one though!
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