Friday, April 6, 2007

Quesiton for my "fellow" Yankees fans and New York Media

PLEASE, riddle me this:

A-Rod makes an error in the 1st game - the fans boo, the back page mentions it.

Jeter makes an error in the 1st game - no reaction anywhere

A-Rod plays a flawless game in the field in the 2nd game, has an RBI double, but pops out to end the 8th - he gets booed and "fails in the clutch" according to the back pages

Jeter makes two errors in the 2nd game (3 on the season already) - doesn't get booed, back pages have it as their SECOND bullet point

Bobby Abreu TAPS back to the pitcher BEFORE A-Rod with ONE out and fails to drive in the tying run - no reaction anywhere (not the fans or the papers).

These aren't low-paid, low expectation guys that failed the Yankees and got off the hook. Last I check DJ and Bobby are two of the higher paid players in ALL of baseball. Why are they not under the microscope? Why are they not "blamed"? Look, I'm not blaming anyone for last night's debacle of a game. If I was at the stadium or writing the tag lines of the back pages, I wouldn't have blamed anyone. Last night was a COMPLETE team loss from top to bottom.

However, Alex CERTAINLY should not be taking the brunt of the fans and media's ire. He has become the ULTIMATE whipping boy and this is getting sick and twisted.

I think even the STAUNCHEST of A-Rod haters can agree that the fan/media reaction to A-Rod's game last is asinine at best.

Again, let me say this slowly -

last night's loss was no ONE player's fault .

Fans need to realize that a whipping boy isn't always necessary. Sometimes a loss is just a loss.

And let me add this...

I actually just heard this on the way into my office building (NO LIE):

[Supposed] Yankee fan:
"I actually don't mind the loss too much because of the way A-Rod failed"

I just ran into my building before I punched this FRAUD of a fan in the face.

Anyway, last night I heard on the radio a "fan" that was at the game call in and actually say "this is the end of the line for A-Rod, he just can't cut it in NY"


I know I shouldn't get worked up about it, but seriously, I am embarrassed to be a Yankee fan at this point!

I am going to the game with Nick2Slick tonight. Hopefully I won't get into any sort of scrum with any of the people I have mentioned above.
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