Saturday, April 7, 2007

4/6/07 ... (COLD) Game 1 for Ross and I

I really wish I could give some notable moments from last nights game, but the cold, and the failures with men on base has really made me forget. And let me say -- it was COLD, very COLD.

One thing that amused me greatly was the anger towards Kevin Millar. The fans booed loudly during all of his AB's. I mean, I know he was on that 04 Red Sox team, but REALLY? I am fairly neutral towards him.

Maybe Ross has more details from the night -- I'm all out of thoughts. Stay warm.


Meany said...

How about that? Arod goes deep! Thanks for the comment and nice Blog!

Nick2Slick said...

Gotta love the walk off GRAND SLAM!

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