Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pettite's return to the stadium mound tonight - BUNDLE UP!

Well, I won't be going to the game tonight and neither will Nick2Slick. No, we aren't scared of a little cold weather (we'll be there tomorrow night in the cold). We made prior arrangements to attend a concert tonight, so we will miss Pettite's return.

If you are there, you are likely to look like the girl in the picture above - cold, bundled up and unhappy (unless Mr. Pettite throws a no-hitter or something similarly spectacular happens.

I really think that MLB should consciously try to schedule "cold weather" teams in the northern part of the country to be on the road for the first couple of weeks of the season. I know it is probably impossible and no team would like a two week roadtrip to start the season, but baseball isn't supposed to be played when temps are in the 20's. Baseball is a WARM WEATHER sport.

By the way, the last game I remember Andy Pettite pitching for the Yankees in this type of weather was the home opener in 2003 when Matsui hit the big HR in his debut. I'm sure Andy is loving being back in NY right about now.

If you are going to the game tonight, have fun. Hopefully I will get home to see the end of it!
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