Friday, April 13, 2007

One more road series, then the Yankees head home!

Though I am back in Oneonta, NY at college until 5/15, the Yankees will return back to the Bronx on Tuesday, April 17 against the Clevelan Indians.

I don't even want to take a hack at an early weather report -- I'll leave that for Ross -- BUT I am willing to ask this question to fans: When A Rod returns to the stadium after his RED HOT start, will he be booed the first time he makes out with a man on base? I hope not. What's the point? He's put this team on his shoulders. If he can't buy himself time of no boos with an 8 game extra base hit streak, will he ever?

On a different note, our season ticket package gives us Tuesday and Thursday's games against the Indians. Ross, care to give any insight on who will be attending those two?

Hopefully we'll win this series in Oakland, and the crowd will give a nice congrats to our players for the first successful road trip of the season!
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