Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some interesting facts on the NEW Yankee Stadium

The upper deck of the new Yankee Stadium will be about the same height as the old, though with the last few rows trimmed off. (The old park holds 57,545; the new one will seat 53,000, plus 1,000 standing-room.) The new top tier, however, will be set back an extra 30 feet from the field, to keep the high-priced patrons below out of shadow. This less compact design also risks snipping a few decibels off the stadium's signature crowd roar.

On average, baseball teams have hiked tickets by 41 percent their first year in new homes. A city economic study projected even greater sticker shock in the Bronx, with the average ticket rising to $57, from $28 currently. At that rate of increase, Bleacher Creatures would be paying $24 a pop to chant "Box seats suck!"

Several rows of box seats at the new Yankee Stadium will wrap around the front of the new bleachers. Two words: target practice.

Village Voice article on the new Yankee Stadium

I have italicized some interesting points.

I am ALL about the new stadium, but this article made me think about a few things.

I don't so much mind the extra 30 feet from the field that Tier Reserved Section 1 will be from home plate, but why would the people in the seats below WANT to be out of the shade? Sounds like some sort of ploy to get the rich folk in the sun more and make them spend more money on refreshments.

Boy are tickets gonna be expensive. I usually make fun of the people who bring their Blimpie subs into the stadium and eat them periodically throughout the game. However, at this point I won't feel bad at all if I hit up McDonalds before the game and sneak a couple of Dollar Menu McChicken sandwiches into the upper deck. At these estimated price increases, Tier Reserved tickets will be $40 each when the new stadium opens.

The last thing I bolded just makes me laugh. Why is there all of these hard feelings between the "Bleacher Creatures" and the Box Seat folk? C'mon guys, by the 5th inning you will all be bitching about A-Rod, wondering why Bernie isn't on the roster and pining for the great players of the 1990's yankees like Scott Brosius anyway!
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