Saturday, April 7, 2007

More about Game 1 (Home game #3)

The only thing I have to add from my first, cold game is how up and down the stadium constantly is with A-Rod. I think the fans really believe that because they cheer him louder than any of the other players each time he bats, they have the right to boo him any time he doesn't get on base. It really is weird. Everyone needs to be a little more even keel and things like Saturday's walk-off will happen more often.

The crowd was mostly dead during the game, probably because of the extreme cold and the crappy play. The loudest and most boisterious moments were when a Red Sox fan walked down the upper deck walkway in a Sox shirt and when the peanut guy made an extra long throw from the walkway almost up to the last row of the upper deck. It really was that lame of a game. It really is funny how much hatred their is for anything Red Sox oriented. When that guy walked by in the Red Sox shirt, a grown man was spewing profanities at him for 5 minutes straight. He was still yelling at the guy and the guy couldn't possibly have heard him. I dunno - maybe that was the screamer guy's way of keeping warm.

Really bummed out that Nick and I couldn't be at the game today (Saturday). Not only did we miss A-Rod's defining moment in pinstripes, but we also missed calendar day. I really like that calendar they give out every year and the past two seasons they started doing it on weekend games which I don't go to. If anyone reads this blog and that one lost soul also happens to have an extra calendar to spare, please drop me a line at

Tomorrow's game is the last game of the homestand and of course I won't be there because it is a weekend game. It will be cold again much like today so if you are there, do the obligatory bundling up. Hey, at least we don't have to deal with this
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