Thursday, July 23, 2009

NSI Game Day Weather Forecast - 7/23/09 Yankees vs. A's - Major Threat Of Rain Delay Or Postponement

Update (6:30 PM): From Steve:
The steady, heavy rain is ending over much of NJ with the western edge over coastal/ eastern NJ. The surface low is starting to move east along with the rain shield at any expected slow pace. The edge of the heavy rain should reach the Bronx in rougly 2 hours. As far as the game, personally I would have cancelled already.

The mid to late evening should feature drying conditions with only a few lingering showers.
Update (3:25 PM): Steve has checked in via email to let us know that if the Yankees wait to start until 8:30 PM, they should be able to get the game in.

Update (1:10 PM): Just realized that the Yankees have a Twitter page for weather updates! Follow @YankeesWeather for the latest (this replaces the Yankees weather updates page on

UPDATE (12:30 PM): Steve checks in with the following:
Forecast is going to plan so far. Bronx will have periods of heavy rain but not as bad as points to the south. If I was running things I'd postpone now. Why risk injury? However the rain will taper off this evening from NW to SE which will cause them to wait out the storm.
Our response to that is because they don't want to have to play a doubleheader!

Welcome back to April 20th! The Yankees and A's are once again ready to start a series in the Bronx, but just like in April, the weather gods have other plans. There is significant rainfall in the forecast which is likely to affect your plans if you are heading out to the Yankees game this evening. Luckily, we have Steve DiMartino of on board to tell us everything that we need to know.

Game Today: Start time 7:05 PM vs Oakland

Wind Direction This EveningWind Direction This Evening

The forecast for the game this evening is basically like walking a tight rope as the Bronx will be right on the edge of the steady, and at times, heavy rainfall. The heaviest rainfall will remain to the east of Yankee Stadium this evening, however showers will remain a threat through this evening. The individual showers that will move through the Bronx this evening will be capable of heavy downpours. Winds will be from the east and northeast around 5 to 15 mph, increasing to 10 to 20 mph through the game. Temperatures will range from 71 to 68 degrees. So there is a very high threat for some long delays at Yankee stadium this evening with a potential for a postponement.

Rest of the series:

Conditions will be far better for the rest of the series compared to tonight.

A cold front will move through the region on Friday evening with scattered showers and thunderstorms. A delay to the start of the game is possible, however as the evening progresses drier conditions can be expected with a west to southwesterly wind. Temperatures will range from 75 to 72 degrees.

High pressure will dominate on Saturday afternoon with the Yankees playing at 1:05 PM. Expect dry conditions with a westerly wind around 5 to 10 mph. Temperatures will range from the upper 70’s to mid 80’s through the game.

On Sunday, the Yankees play at 1:05 PM once again. A cold front will approach the Bronx, however rain is expected to hold off until the late afternoon hours. Much of the game should be played rain free with a southwesterly wind around 5 to 15 mph. Temperatures will range from the upper 70’s to mid 80’s.

Steve is a lot more optimistic than we are about tonight's game being played, but he is the meteorologist, and it seems that things have taken a jog to the east (offshore) since we looked at the weather last night. At that time, the National Weather Service had a flood watch in effect, meaning fans will be weary of travel and those making the decision regarding cancellation of the game might be quick with their trigger finger. If the game gets postponed tonight the Yankees will have to decide whether to have a doubleheader on Friday or Saturday, as the A's are already making their second and final trip into the Bronx this season. Tickets will likely be good for the postponed game, which will be part of a day/night doubleheader. Hopefully we won't need to worry about that scenario.

If you are heading out to tonight's game, be sure to have an umbrella, a poncho, and plenty of money for concessions - it might be a long night.
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